Auxiliary President, Unit 221

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 221

As life goes on we all come to the knowledge that there is a season for everything. My season as Auxiliary President will be closing
 the end of May. On that note, I want to take a moment
to thank several of the members who have been a great help
through my year of reign. Our First Vice is Dixie Wittier. You
can’t get anyone better then Dixie working on our membership.
She is always on top of everything and knows many members
personally. Margret (Peggy) Bigler is our treasurer and secretary.  What would I have done without Peggy? Anytime I called her on a
 financial question, she had all the answers right at her
fingertips…and that is a talent in itself. Her secretary skills are
right on the money (pardon the pun). Marrilee (Happy) Marotto is our chaplain but she is more known as the “scrapbook
guru”. She has helped me with shopping and putting together
the “lodging kits” for the SAM Center. If you think it was fun…
well, it was in mid-winter we were working on the kits in a no
heat garage. Martha Lee Thatcher was very busy working on her
national appointment and keeping us informed of the news, but
most of all is her love for Girls State. If you think it is an easy job,
follow Martha around. Now…finally a big hug and thank you to
my husband, Jerry. He was my sounding board, advisor, help,
and bottle washer…I can’t say cook unless you can say cooking
As my time is soon to hand over the gavel to the next president,
I want to say it has been an adventure. I have met several new
people; have been able to use many of my talents and abilities to
help the Legion and Auxiliary.
May God Bless you and may God Bless our military and their
families. Good-Bye for now.
~~Sylvia Yochum, Unit 221 Auxiliary President