Auxiliary President, Unit 221

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 221

Hello Ladies!

A new president is now in office as the “elections” are over and
it’s me again! I hope I can do the Auxiliary its due credit. There
is not a lot of news for now. Martha Lee and I will be heading
to the convention in Independence on the 23rd of June thru the
26th of June and will give you information of the proceedings
from that at a later date. We continue to have a group of good
officers that are very efficient at their jobs; hope I can do as well
as they do.
Scholarship monies were given to students that were chosen
from the applications they sent in and as many of you know any
monetary help they can get is help to their parents. This dinner
was held on June 4th. Watch your calendar of events on the
back of the Post Parade for activities you would like to attend.
You will be able to meet many nice people and hopefully make
some new friends. People appear to have a good time at the
different events. I see smiles and handshakes, I don’t see judgments,               so come out and give us a try sometime; we’d love to see
you! I have met so many wonderful people and learned things
they enjoy doing from baking to sewing or creating unique gifts.
Some people just put a big smile on your face, I love those kinds
of people and you will too. Come see us and give us a try, you
might really like us! Don’t forget the ladies auxiliary meets the
first Tuesday of every month at 7pm, can’t wait to meet you!
Take care of yourselves, you’re the only you we’ve got.

~~ Happy Marotto-President