Hello All!
The last two years have raced by since I was voted in to be your Commander and now it is time to step down and support my successor. I can’t thank my support staff enough for the guidance and wisdom they have shared! It is truly an honor to have worked with everyone. They did all the hard work that often goes unnoticed, and believe me, the work has been significant! I would also like to thank all the Auxiliary members, Sons of the American Legion, Legion Riders, and members for their support. A great organization is built on its membership, and this is one of the best in Ohio!
Now that spring is closing in on summer, it is easy to forget the needy. Please don’t forget the SAM Center box for the less fortunate. Some of our veterans and families are in need all year.
Please be sure to mark your calendars for the night of June 3rd. That is our installment and awards dinner up in the ballroom. The food is great and the fellowship is unsurpassed. You may be surprised on who may be in attendance. Please make sure you sign up behind the bar at the tavern. If you can’t get to the tavern, call and they will be sure to put your name on the list.
I will say farewell from the Post Parade, but I will see all of you at the tavern and Honor/Color Guard functions. Please always be the best American you can be, and take care of each other as long as you can! Until then…
Remember Everyone Deployed!
~~Tony Shiplett, Commander

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